Before we dive into the many uses of deionized water, also Know as demineralized water, lets divert the attention to what deionized water is and why people use this type of water.

What is deionized water?

It is simply water that has had all its ions removed through an ion exchange processes .lons such as sodium, calcium, iron and commonly found in tap water.

Why use deionized water?

The pure nature of this type of water, makes it suitable and preferred for many processes and uses when tap water can’t be applied. It is commonly used in manufacturing and chemistry industry, due its prosperity not to effect or change natural processes.

What is deionized water used for?

1. Car Engines-the absent of ions extends the lifespan of lead-acid batteries and engine cooling systems.

2. Aquariums-deionised water is commonly used in fish tanks, due to its high quality and ability to improve fish’s health and its algae fighting tendencies

3. Laboratory Test-deionised water .ensures accurate results are obtained during experiments and aids in cleaning laboratory tools and instruments.

4. Industrial Machinery-using normal water to clean machinery may cause corrosion. Thus, deionized water is used to clean, lubricate and manufacture these industrial machineries to ensure optimal use and longevity of these machines.

5. Fire Extinguishers- due to the low electronic conductivity levels in the water, it is found in fire extinguishers. It guarantees safe use to put out fires around electrical equipment and would not damage the equipment in the process

6. Cooling system-deionised water can stop devices from overheating and aid in maintaining the correct temperature levels.

7. Steamers-found in all type of steamers such as irons, facial steamers, kettles and humidifiers.

8. Cleaning-found in pressure cleansers for cars and buildings, as well as used in window washing as it prevents marks when dried.

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