Water Role in Chiller

A chiller unite requires water, so the term “Chiller water treatment” is importable Being a closed loop system, is treatment for chilled water really needed? If treatment?


Chiller Water Circuit

The above picture is showing the chiller circuit in simplified some. All the lines are either carrying either cold water or chilled water. Both the water circuits are closed in nature; hence the justification for. chilled water treatment is often questioned. People who question this cite examples of many chiller plants running well for years without using water treatment. My opinion, after researching the subject, is that, yes, you should use treatment for closed loop chilled water system in most cases. You can probably ignore the water treatment where the tubing and valves are made up of stainless steel, where the heat exchangers are made of titanium, and also where pure DM water / DI water is used for topping up the system.

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