Mildly Alkaline Ionised Water

Mildly alkaline water pH 8-10 is marketed healthy drinking water. It is generated water ionisers by electrolysis.Alkaline water containing molecular hydrogen is produced at the negative electrode(cathode).

Alkaline ionised water characteristics it contains dissolved molecular hydrogen gas & low dissolved molecular oxygen gas.

Health Benefits
It improve gastrointestinal symptoms and scientific evidence accumulated substantial protecting DNA from radical damage increasing glucose uptake improving diabetes preventing premature call death offering liver protection preventing lipid oxidation and others.

It is now well-recognised that the primary agent responsible for the benefits is attributed to the dissolved molecular Hydrogen gas.One that exerted a therapeutic effect was the molecular hydrogen. I began studying alkaline ionized water and published scientific articles on its antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-diabetic effects, but did not really understand why did water worked. It was difficult to believe. Upon further investigation, I have now confirmed that the benefits from the alkaline ionized water are attributed to the hydrogen gas produced during electrolysis. The more researched and learn about hydrogen, the more dedicated and passionate, became in educating and helping others.

Consumer experience

water is most effectives when ingested as fresh as possible. this is because molecular hydrogen starts to leave the water. Researcher are now choossing to produce molecular hydrogen rich water is simly bubbling molecular gas into pure water.

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